Mesh Fencing

V Mesh: Perimeter Fencing

Our most cost effective perimeter fence.

It is designed to be unobtrusive whilst still offering a good level of security. The weld mesh panels with longitudinal pro les are manufactured from 6mm (nom.) horizontal and 5mm (nom.) vertical wires to give 200mm x 50mm maximum wire centre spacings.

Available in a range of heights from 1.2 to 3 metres, Triad Vmex® is suitable for a whole host of perimeter applications. The panels are xed to 60 x 60 SHS posts with steel clips and threaded inserts


Dual Mesh: Sport Fencing
Our Dual Mesh Fencing has traditionally been used in a sports environment but its rigid construction and low aesthetic environmental impact means it is equally as effective for perimeter protection of both public and private sector buildings.
The inherent strength within the panels is gained by sandwiching a 6mm (nom.) vertical wire between two 8mm (nom.) horizontal wires. This ensures that the heavy duty panels offer an extremely high resistance to vandalism. The Dual Mesh panels are then fixed via clips to threaded inserts in hollow section posts.
Our Dual Mesh panels are available in a range of heights with gates available to suit. Where a lighter protection is acceptable or budget constraints are tighter there is also available as a 6mm/5mm/6mm nominal configuration.


Prison Mesh: High Security Fencing

Our Prison Mesh is a security mesh fencing system with narrow apertures. This prevents the ‘would be intruder’ from having foot or finger holds, therefore making it extremely difficult to climb. The panels are overlapped at each post and secured by a full length clamp strip, dome headed bolts and permacone security fixings.

Available from stock in a range of colours. Our Prison Mesh is suitable for almost all applications but particularly when security is paramount.

Produced and installed by our skilled workforce.

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